Daiwa Scholarship Program 2023- 2024: How to apply

 Have you been searching for Daiwa Scholarship program 2023 – 2024 opportunity and how to apply? The Daiwa Scholarship application is here and it’s open to all who are interested in pursuing their career in the UK. Join me as I unveil the eligibility criteria, application process,  benefits, selection criteria, application deadline, frequently asked questions (FAQS) and more!


Daiwa scholarship application

Introduction to the Daiwa Scholarship.

The Daiwa Scholarship is a prestigious and highly competitive program that aims to foster closer cultural and educational ties between the United Kingdom and Japan. Founded and sponsored by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, the scholarship provides an exceptional opportunity for talented British citizens or permanent residents to pursue postgraduate studies in Japan.
The Daiwa Scholarship was established with the vision of nurturing future leaders who possess a deep understanding of both Japan and the UK, promoting cross-cultural exchange, and facilitating bilateral cooperation in various fields, including academia, business, arts, and sciences. It serves as a bridge between these two nations, encouraging mutual appreciation and friendship.
The scholarship offers recipients the chance to engage in an immersive and intellectually stimulating experience in Japan, allowing them to broaden their horizons, learn from different perspectives, and build lasting connections with scholars, professionals, and fellow students from around the world.
By supporting promising individuals in their pursuit of higher education in Japan, the Daiwa Scholarship seeks to cultivate a network of alumni who can contribute to the enrichment and strengthening of Japan-UK relations and play a significant role in shaping a better global future.
Throughout the years, the Daiwa Scholarship has played a pivotal role in empowering exceptional individuals, fostering cultural understanding, and promoting collaboration between the UK and Japan, making it an esteemed platform for aspiring leaders and change-makers.

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Daiwa Scholarship Eligibility Criteria.

The eligibility criteria for the Daiwa Scholarship may vary slightly from year to year, so it is essential for applicants to refer to the latest information available on the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation’s official website. However, here are some common eligibility requirements that applicants typically need to meet:

  • Nationality: The Daiwa Scholarship is typically open to British citizens or permanent residents of the United Kingdom. Some years may allow applications from individuals with other nationalities residing in the UK, but this may vary.
  • Age Limit: Applicants should be within a certain age range, which is usually around 21 to 35 years old at the time of application. Again, this may vary, so applicants should check the specific age limits for the year they are applying.
  • Academic Qualifications: Applicants should hold or expect to obtain a strong undergraduate degree from a recognized university. The specific academic requirements may vary depending on the level of study they wish to pursue in Japan.
  • Language Proficiency: Since courses in Japan are often conducted in Japanese, applicants are usually required to have a good command of the Japanese language. Some programs may require a minimum level of proficiency, while others may provide language training as part of the scholarship.
  • Study Plan: Applicants should have a clear and well-defined study or research plan for their proposed course of study in Japan, demonstrating how it aligns with their academic and career goals.
    Commitment to UK-Japan Relations: The Daiwa Scholarship seeks candidates who have a genuine interest in and commitment to fostering closer ties between the UK and Japan, both during their studies and beyond.
  • Health and Character: Applicants are typically required to be in good health and possess a positive character, as they may need to undergo medical checks and provide references or recommendations as part of the application process.
  • Previous Experience in Japan: While not always mandatory, having some prior experience or exposure to Japanese culture, language, or society can strengthen an applicant’s candidacy.
    It is important to note that these are general guidelines, and specific details may change from year to year. Therefore, prospective applicants should carefully review the most up-to-date eligibility criteria and application guidelines on the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation’s official website before submitting their applications.

Daiwa Scholarship Application process.

The application process for the Daiwa Scholarship typically involves several stages and requires careful attention to detail. While the specific process may vary from year to year, here are the general steps involved in applying for the scholarship:

  • Research and Preparation: Begin by thoroughly researching the Daiwa Scholarship program and its specific requirements for the year you plan to apply. Visit the official website of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation for the latest information. Identify the postgraduate course or research program you wish to pursue in Japan and ensure it aligns with your academic and career goals. Familiarize yourself with the application deadlines and gather all the necessary information, documents, and materials needed for the application.
  • Online Application: Create an online account on the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation’s scholarship portal (if required) and complete the application form. Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information. Prepare and upload the required documents, which may include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a study plan, a personal statement, language proficiency certificates, and a CV/resume.
  • Selection Process: The Daiwa Scholarship application process typically involves multiple rounds of selection, including an initial review of applications, shortlisting of candidates, and interviews. The shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview, which could be conducted in person, via video conferencing, or through other means, depending on the circumstances.
  • Interview: If selected for an interview, prepare thoroughly by researching Japan-UK relations, the course you wish to undertake, and any other relevant topics. Be prepared to discuss your academic background, career aspirations, study plan, and how you envision contributing to Japan-UK relations through the scholarship.
  • Notification of Results: After the interviews and final selection process, successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the Daiwa Scholarship program. Unsuccessful applicants may also receive notifications regarding their status.
  • Pre-Departure Preparation: If awarded the scholarship, you will need to complete any necessary administrative procedures, such as obtaining a student visa, arranging accommodation in Japan, and preparing for your departure.
  • Commencement of Studies: Once in Japan, scholarship recipients will commence their postgraduate studies or research program as planned. It’s crucial to adhere to all the guidelines and deadlines provided by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation during the application process. The competition for the Daiwa Scholarship is fierce, so presenting a strong and well-prepared application is essential to increase your chances of success.

Daiwa Scholarship Selection Criteria.

The selection criteria for the Daiwa Scholarship are rigorous and designed to identify outstanding individuals who have the potential to become future leaders and contribute significantly to Japan-UK relations. While the specific criteria may vary slightly from year to year, the following are typical factors considered during the selection process:

  • Academic Excellence: The Daiwa Scholarship looks for candidates who have a strong academic background and have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements in their undergraduate studies. This includes a high GPA and relevant academic honors or awards.
  • Study Plan and Research Proposal: Applicants must present a well-defined and compelling study plan or research proposal outlining the specific course or research program they wish to pursue in Japan. The plan should demonstrate its relevance to their academic and career goals and its potential contribution to Japan-UK relations.
  • Language Proficiency: Since many courses in Japan are conducted in Japanese, applicants are often required to demonstrate proficiency in the Japanese language. Those applying for courses in English will also need to show proficiency in English.
  • Leadership Potential and Extra-curricular Activities: The Daiwa Scholarship seeks individuals who show leadership potential, as well as active participation in extra-curricular activities, community service, or other initiatives that highlight their ability to make a positive impact beyond academic achievements.
  • Commitment to Japan-UK Relations: Successful candidates are expected to have a genuine interest in and understanding of the importance of strengthening cultural, educational, and economic ties between Japan and the UK. Applicants should demonstrate their commitment to furthering bilateral relations through their studies and future endeavors.
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding: Having an open and inclusive attitude towards cultural differences and demonstrating an ability to adapt to and engage with different cultures is highly valued in the selection process.
  • Interview Performance: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview as part of the selection process. During the interview, applicants will be assessed on their communication skills, motivation, and alignment with the scholarship’s mission.
  • Previous Experience in Japan: While not always required, prior experience in Japan, such as language study, cultural exchange programs, or work experience, can positively influence an applicant’s candidacy.

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation’s selection committee carefully evaluates each application, considering these criteria and looking for candidates who exemplify excellence, potential, and a genuine passion for promoting mutual understanding and collaboration between Japan and the UK.

It is essential for applicants to showcase their strengths, achievements, and dedication to the scholarship’s objectives through their application materials and interview, as this will significantly impact their chances of being awarded the prestigious Daiwa Scholarship.

Daiwa Scholarship benefits.

The Daiwa Scholarship offers a comprehensive range of benefits to successful recipients, enabling them to pursue postgraduate studies or research in Japan and immerse themselves in an enriching cross-cultural experience. While specific benefits may vary from year to year, the typical scholarship package includes the following:

  • Tuition Fees: The scholarship usually covers the full or partial cost of tuition fees for the postgraduate course or research program at a recognized Japanese university or institution.
  • Monthly Stipend: Recipients receive a monthly living allowance to cover their basic expenses while studying in Japan. The stipend is intended to help with accommodation, food, transportation, and other day-to-day living costs.
  • Travel Expenses: The scholarship often includes a round-trip economy class airfare from the recipient’s home country to Japan at the beginning and end of the study period.
  • Accommodation Support: Some years may offer additional assistance or guidance in finding suitable accommodation in Japan, especially for the initial period of the scholarship.
  • Japanese Language Training: If the chosen course of study requires proficiency in the Japanese language, the scholarship may include language training or support to help recipients meet the language requirements.
  • Cultural and Educational Program: The Daiwa Scholarship may provide opportunities for recipients to participate in cultural and educational activities, seminars, and events organized by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, which can enhance their understanding of Japan and foster valuable connections with scholars and professionals.
  • Alumni Network: Scholarship recipients become part of the Daiwa Scholarship alumni network, which offers ongoing support, networking opportunities, and engagement with past scholars.
  • Health Insurance: Some years may include health insurance coverage for the duration of the scholarship to ensure that recipients have access to medical care during their stay in Japan.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits and terms of the Daiwa Scholarship may vary depending on the year and the scholarship’s funding arrangements. Recipients should carefully review the scholarship offer letter and guidelines provided by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation to understand the exact benefits and conditions applicable to their scholarship term. Overall, the Daiwa Scholarship provides a comprehensive and generous support package, allowing recipients to focus on their academic pursuits, embrace a new cultural experience, and build valuable connections between the UK and Japan.

Daiwa Scholarship Contact information.

As of my last update in September 2021, the contact information for the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is as follows:

Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation:
13/14 Cornwall Terrace (Outer Circle)
London NW1 4QP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7486 4348
Fax: +44 (0)20 7486 2914
Email: scholarships@dajf.org.uk

For the latest and most accurate contact information, as well as any updates regarding the Daiwa Scholarship program, I recommend visiting the official website of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation: https://www.dajf.org.uk/scholarships You can find their contact details, application guidelines, and other relevant information on their website.


In conclusion, the Daiwa Scholarship stands as a remarkable opportunity for British citizens or permanent residents seeking to pursue postgraduate studies or research in Japan. Founded and sponsored by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, this prestigious scholarship aims to foster closer cultural and educational ties between the United Kingdom and Japan, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration.

The scholarship’s comprehensive benefits, including tuition fees coverage, monthly stipend, travel expenses, and additional support, enable recipients to fully immerse themselves in a new academic and cultural environment. By supporting outstanding individuals with strong academic records, leadership potential, and a commitment to Japan-UK relations, the scholarship helps cultivate future leaders who can contribute to positive bilateral relationships and make a meaningful impact in various fields.

Throughout the years, the Daiwa Scholarship has successfully nurtured a network of alumni who continue to play pivotal roles in strengthening the relationship between the two nations. By connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and fostering global cooperation, the Daiwa Scholarship contributes to building a more interconnected and harmonious world.

Applicants interested in the scholarship are advised to carefully review the eligibility criteria, diligently prepare their applications, and ensure they meet the deadlines. With the support of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, the scholarship provides an extraordinary avenue for personal and academic growth, fostering lifelong connections and a profound appreciation for both the UK and Japan. Aspiring scholars are encouraged to seize this opportunity and embark on a transformative journey that can positively shape their future and contribute to a more vibrant and interconnected global community.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs).

Who is eligible to apply for the Daiwa Scholarship?

The scholarship is typically open to British citizens or permanent residents of the United Kingdom. Applicants should meet specific age, academic, and language proficiency requirements.

What level of study does the Daiwa Scholarship support?

The scholarship generally supports postgraduate studies or research programs in Japan, including master’s degrees, PhDs, and research fellowships.
Are there any specific academic fields or disciplines that the scholarship supports?

The scholarship is open to candidates from various academic fields, including but not limited to arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, and business.

Can I apply for the Daiwa Scholarship if I have no prior experience with the Japanese language?

While some courses in Japan may be conducted in English, a basic understanding of the Japanese language is beneficial. Language proficiency requirements may vary depending on the chosen program.

How do I apply for the Daiwa Scholarship?

The application process typically involves completing an online application form, submitting required documents, and possibly participating in an interview.

What are the deadlines for applying for the scholarship?

Application deadlines may vary from year to year. Applicants should check the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation’s official website for the latest information.

How competitive is the Daiwa Scholarship?

The scholarship is highly competitive, with a limited number of awards granted each year. Applicants are assessed based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, commitment to Japan-UK relations, and other criteria.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I have already been accepted to a university in Japan?

The scholarship application process usually requires candidates to apply for admission to a Japanese university or research institution independently. Successful applicants may be asked to provide proof of acceptance as part of the scholarship offer.

What are the obligations of scholarship recipients?

Scholarship recipients are generally expected to maintain good academic standing, actively participate in Daiwa Foundation activities, and contribute to promoting Japan-UK relations.

Is there any post-scholarship support for alumni?

Yes, the Daiwa Scholarship offers an alumni network that provides ongoing support, networking opportunities, and involvement in Foundation activities.
Applicants are encouraged to visit the official Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation website for the most up-to-date information and detailed answers to frequently asked questions related to the scholarship program.

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